Pentax Corporation is a subsidiary of Asahi Optical Co. - Japan. AOC manufactures cameras, lenses and binoculars. Survey products are manufactured by a sister subsidiary Asahi Precision Co. - Japan.

AOC was founded in 1919 to manufacture optical products. Camera lens followed in 1931 and complete cameras in 1952. APC was founded in 1974 as the new name for Fugi Works which was established in 1933. Fugi Works manufactured Survey instruments exclusively while APC now manufactures survey equipment and closed circuit TV lens.

PENTAX Surveying Instruments are widely used for surveying, mapping, construction and land development. PENTAX manufactures the most modern surveying instruments employing superior opto-mechatronics.

Pentax Group worldwide sales and service network will not only make the user experience to Pentax advanced technology and enjoy its perfect service. To further develop the Pentax measuring instruments, instrument platform mechanism in September 2009 TIC Holdings Pentax measuring instruments companies PIIC, while the company reorganized into TI Asahi Co., TIC strong financial support, and increase research and development efforts, will improve Pentax measuring instruments for a new leap forward.

Pentax measuring instrument ISO9001 & ISO14001 international quality system certification

Japan Measuring Instruments Manufacturing Consortium members sign is a sign of high-quality measurement products